Capturing the Emotion at Events (Corporate Photography) | Boston Corporate Event Photographer

Covering Bentley University’s MLK Luncheon featuring retiring ombudsman Earl Avery. Boston corporate event photography by Joy LeDuc.

Every time I go in to cover a corporate event in Greater Boston, I think about the story that the photos need to tell. What is this day about? Who are the key characters? What are the images that we’ll need to visually weave together the events of the day?

Event photography is exciting and often fast moving, and as such thinking about these things ahead of time is vital.

Earl Avery greeting friends and family at the MLK Luncheon/retirement celebration. Boston photographer Joy LeDuc. Capturing emotion at corporate events.
Capturing audience responses during presentations. Boston corporate event photography.

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to photograph the MLK Luncheon at Bentley University. In addition to the annual MLK celebration, the event honored the university’s longstanding ombudsman, Dr. Earl Avery, who is retiring this year.

Earl Avery at the MLK luncheon where he was presented with an award for his dedication to the institution. Boston corporate and higher education photography.

I’ve photographed this event before, and each year it’s one of my favorites to cover. But with Dr. Avery’s retirement, I knew that this year’s luncheon would be even more full of emotion because he’s had such a powerful impact both on an individual level (for students, faculty, and staff) and on an institutional level.

Gospel performance at the MLK Luncheon at Bentley University. Boston corporate and higher education event photographer Joy LeDuc.
Performances during the MLK luncheon at Bentley University. Evocative event photography in Greater Boston.
Taking pictures with Earl Avery after the celebration to honor his legacy at Bentley University. Higher education event photography.

It was an honor to capture these moments, and I’m already looking forward to next year!