Photography for Small Businesses (Beyond Headshots) | Boston Photographer

Thinking beyond one project for marketing photography. Boston photographer for small businesses.

When small businesses reach out to me, they often have a single project in mind: headshots for their website, or photos for a particular campaign.

As a small business owner myself, I understand how important it is to make every dollar count, and I always encourage other local entrepreneurs to do the same by thinking of other ways they can use me while I’m with them.

That means thinking beyond your primary project to other imagery needs you might have.

Social Media Imagery

Creating social media imagery for small businesses. Boston corporate photographer, branding, personal branding photography.

Since social media has become such an important part of small business marketing today, I love working with people on creating imagery for their social media posts.

As a former social media director, I understand how important it is to have a well of images to draw from. Social media moves at lightning speed and oftentimes it’s near impossible to go out and take the right photo at the right time to satisfy your posting needs.

Having a small bank of beautiful, eye catching imagery to use on your social media makes it so much easier to fill in on days in which you aren’t able to get your own camera out to take photos.

Press Coverage

Editorial photography for small businesses and personal branding. Artists, bloggers, professionals, executives.

Whether or not you know of any press coverage that you’ll have coming up, it’s useful to have a handful of photographs that you can send off to newspapers, magazines, or websites that might want to feature your small business.

These photos might feature your workspace, detail shots of your work, and photos of you and/or your team in action. The photos should be inviting, and should give people the vibe they can expect to experience when interacting with your products, working with you, or entering your space.

Printed Materials

Print photography for small businesses. Photos for business cards, brochures, menus, postcards, marketing materials.

While we live in a digital world, printed materials are still impactful—in fact, they may be even more impactful now that there’s less of it going around. Rather than using stock images on your brochures, postcards, thank you notes, advertisements, or even business cards, you can have custom photography that represents your business in a way that feels more authentic.