Not Your Average Headshots | Boston Photographer

During my sessions, I use conversation and body language to draw out your personality so that your headshots give people an idea of who you are. Boston headshot photographer Joy LeDuc.

If you’ve ever had corporate headshots taken, you know they can be pretty bland. It seems that oftentimes, the idea is to get everyone to look exactly the same rather than showing off each person’s true personalities.

Even when I only have five minutes with each person in a company, I think it’s important to draw them out as much as possible in order to let a little bit of their individuality shine through. Even if the background and lighting are the same, the photos can be vastly different because of the light behind their eyes, the expression on their faces, and the way they hold themselves.

Even in corporate settings, I work to draw out a bit of personality from each person who sits in front of my camera. Boston headshot photographer, executive, professional, LinkedIn photos.

When I get to spend a full 45-60 minute session with a client, we get to try out a bunch of different environments and I’m able to draw out the different facets of their personality.

My clients often tell me that the session feels more like a conversation than a photo shoot. That happens on purpose. As we talk, I see the different aspects of each person, and as they relax I’m able to peel back the layers and see a little bit deeper into their truest selves.

Boston headshot photographer on taking headshots that tell part of your story and give people an idea of what to expect from you.

In today’s digital world, your headshots say something about you—sometimes before you use a single word. This is why it’s important that your headshots aren’t just a photo of your face, but rather tell a tiny piece of your story.

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